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Color – Coloring Pages Kids should discover two fun facts


Kids, you will love coloring pages and colors. You and millions of other kids have free coloring pages, coloring books and printable coloring pages. Spend 30 minutes each day on coloring and drawing activities. Here are two fun color history facts most kids don’t know. So I’ll give you bragging rights as a gift. You will find:1. Color is a part of light. 2. Color is absorbed, reflected, or transmitted.

  1. Color is part of light

Light is produced by the sun, fire, or man-made substances such as light bulbs and flashlights. Child, your eyeballs and brain select the color of light. You usually see the same colors as other people do. Beasts, bugs, and birds have eyeballs of a different color than yours. You and the spider watch the ball. It looks red to you. The spider sees the ball as black. It’s still a ball, but a different color. Red, blue and green light are the backbone of all colors. All other colors can also be created by mixing red, blue and green pigments. Crayon colors are made from pigment.

  1. Color is absorbed, reflected, or transmitted.

Kid, when light hits an object (let’s say a ball), one of three things happens:

  1. The ball absorbs all light. It absorbs light like a bath towel.
  2. The ball reflects light and reflects it like a flashlight in a mirror. or
  3. The ball allows light to shine through itself. It penetrates like ice cubes or cat’s eye beads.

Pay attention, boy: When a light slam (don’t hear the bang) goes to the ball and all the light shoots back at you, white is the color you see. This is called reflected light. Let’s say red, green and blue lights hit the ball. The ball sucks up red and green lights. This is called absorbed light. A blue light is shooting at you. You can see the reflected blue. There is a blue ball.

Greenhouse plants absorb (absorb) red and blue colors and reflect visible green (reflection).

Here’s one: Rottweilers’ fur absorbs (absorbs) all the red, blue, and green light that strikes it. Colors cannot be seen. No color shoots at you. I see black hair. If you look at the color, the fur is not completely black. The shiny fur and snarling fangs reflect light only when the dog sees you coming. One last one: Mom’s crystal sparkles. Light hits it and comes out the other way (transmission). If you hold a glass in front of another color (e.g. purple), the glass will show purple. If you drop a crystal, hold the broken piece in front of your mom’s face and you’ll see red on the glass. Learn more about pigmented color powders in “The History of Coloring Pages Crayons: 4 Fun Facts for Kids”.

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